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Pollution and other environmental issues are a threat to life on earth. Especially plastic packaging causes a lot of damage. A UN study published in 2016 reports that small pieces of plastic bags, bottles etc. get into the oceans and cause a real threat to mankind and marine ecosystems.

It is time to make students aware of these problems and to encourage them to gain more knowledge about how to tackle these problems and find alternatives. Bioplastic packaging for food could be such a solution. The project will be carried out by 4 schools from Germany, Greece, Romania and the United Kingdom.


Our vision has powerful impacts which stem from deeply concerning facts that do apply for the nowadays mundane life. We do have a strong team, involving trustworthy partipants: Germany, Romania, Greece and UK.


Students and teachers tackle how to make bioplastics out of everyday household ingredients, peeking into the world of making our own materials from scratch. They create bio-based plastic from renewable carbon sources, such as corn and potatoes starch. 

STEM Discovery week 2018


The third edition of the STEM Discovery Week will be celebrated 23 to 29 April 2018. Building on the success achieved already in 2016 and 2017, the STEM Discovery Week aims to facilitate more than 500 activities, reaching more than 10,000 schools in 30 countries!


News 1

The first meeting has already taken place in Mosbach, Germany.

News 2

The groups have already developed a proper business plan, regarding the evolution of the product.

News 3

The next meeting is rapidly approaching. Romania will be the host!

News 4

The second meeting has already taken place in Heraklion, Greece. - 11-14 October 2018. 

News 5

The third meeting will be place in Sittisburg, UK 23-28 February 2019.

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